Yes yes yes, we know that not all of our models will fit your needs and we also know that many of you want to dream and create just like we do here at Vertical.  So of course we do custom builds!  We may not be the full service, do anything in the world sort of shop, but we can handle most needs and create some really amazing drums at even more amazing prices for all your custom needs.  Whether it’s a full kit in a custom finish with unique sizing, or a totally different snare than anything you’ve seen out there.  We got you.  Hit us up on the Contact Us page to start the process.  We work closely with our customers to make sure that you get exactly what you’re dreaming of.  Full kits, custom snares, custom finishes, unique stuff, or just a mix up of any of our models.  It’s all possible here.  And for custom orders we take a 50% payment up front to get the process started, the remaining 50% plus shipping cost is due when the order is ready to ship.