Vertical Drum Co

We get it. You’ve been searching for drums specifically for worship music and you’re coming up empty handed. You could go the stock, pre-made route and get something cheap. Or you could go the completely custom route spending a lot for a drum you’ve never heard. We’ve done both of these and there’s pros and cons for both options, but we want to bridge the gap between the two. Honestly, that’s the basis for our company. Semi-custom drums built specifically for worship music. We want you to be able to play a custom drum you can afford, that sounds great in a worship setting.

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Our Drums

We’ve hand-selected the drum types that best represent the current worship music trends you’re creating on a weekly basis. All of our drums are made to be played in a church setting while being versatile enough for any application. We know you’re playing in small sanctuaries, school gyms, outdoor gatherings, big houses of worship, stadiums. We’ve been there too and we know the needs of the modern worship drummer. Our drums are here to help you out with whatever setting you’re worshipping in.

Best Value

We want to make sure you get the best value for your money too. Choose your hardware color of chrome, black, or brass on all of our drums at no additional cost. Minimal upgrade costs for additional lugs, wood types, specialty finishes, etc.  We can also customize things a bit more if needed, just let us know.

Shipping Costs

We keep costs transparent and easy to understand so you can place your order and get us building your drum. All US orders are charged a flat $45 fee for shipping so there are no hidden costs or anything to catch you off guard. International orders are charged actual shipping costs, just contact us to place your order.

Church Partnership

And of course, churches get free shipping all the time, just contact us to get verified and we’ll get you the details on that.  We require a couple of things but it’s minimal and you’ll save that $45 shipping cost.  If there’s any way you think we can help out your church please let us know!  This also applies to most non-profits.

German Snare Wires

Stop buying drums where you have to upgrade everything right after your purchase. Our drums come with high quality parts including German snare wires in the sizes you actually want; like this 42-strand wire that comes standard on our 8×14 Chorus model.

Trick or Inde Throws

We upgrade everything we can on all of our drums, including the throws and butt plates. Hardware choices of black or chrome come with a sweet 3-position radial throw made by Trick Percussion while brass hardware comes with a trusted (and amazing looking) Inde throw.

Evans Heads

And those companies that upgrade everything and then give you horrible heads to start with, that’s not us. We toss Evans heads on all our drums and give you something you won’t need to switch out the second you get it in the mail. Most of our snares come with an Evans HD Dry on top and a Snare Side 300 on bottom. Full kits wear a G2 Coated on the toms and EMAD on the kick.

Triple Flanged Hoops

Our drums come with high quality triple flanged hoops and we always let you choose your hardware color from chrome, black, or brass without having to pay any upgrade fees.