First off, thank you for checking out Vertical Drum Co and exploring around the site.  We launched the brand in early 2020 and have had an overwhelming response to our endorsement application process.  In all honesty, we have the artists we want and don’t have much room for more.  We’ll keep the application open so feel free to fill it out, but unfortunately we can’t respond to each application.

That being said, we care most about who you are and why you want to partner with our company.  We’re going to ask for a lot of info on the form below so prepare yourself to put in a little time and effort here in hopes of making the cut.

We want to partner with artists, churches, and recording studios to get our drums into influential hands and help bless you guys at the same time.  Church endorsement deals are valid for church purchases and all musicians on staff or volunteering there.

Endorsement App

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