As part of us running a semi-custom approach to all the drums we make, there are often circumstances that get us building drums without orders.  This is a really fun part of the job for us over here at Vertical and we’re hoping that it also helps spark some creativity in you.  We also know that sometimes you can’t wait the 3-5 weeks for a semi-custom build.  So, this page is a current inventory of products that are pre-built and in stock, ready to ship.  Order here and we’ll get it boxed and shipped asap.  These drums are not available for customization since they’re fully built and ready to go.  Of course, if you see something here you absolutely love but want different options on it feel free to Contact Us to place a custom order.  We’re happy to do pretty much anything for any of our customers when it comes to drum builds.  Enjoy browsing our products below.