LP Kit


  • mahogany over poplar 6-ply shells
  • hand-rubbed oil finish
  • choose your depth for each drum
  • upgraded tube lugs
  • 2.3mm triple flanged hoops on toms
  • oil-finished maple hoops on kick drum
  • Evans heads
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Our premier offering here at Vertical Drum Co, the LP Kit.  We’ve taken time to develop what we think is the most versatile beast of a drum kit that you could ever play in a church setting.  We start off with 6-ply mahogany over poplar shells and cut in a 45-degree round-over bearing edge to give you big tone and controlled sustain.  These shells are thin which gives you lots of boom plus attack while making sure you don’t have a drum that’s going to ring forever like a lot of consumer kits do.  These shells matched with the edges we put on them makes them incredibly easy to tune as well, perfect for a church setting where there are a variety of drummers with a variety of experience levels.

We seal the shells with a hand-rubbed oil finish that hardens and creates a sheen over the exterior that will not yellow over time.  These drums are easy to clean with just a simple wipe down since the finish is hardened.

To keep with our semi-custom approach we let you choose a few things on each LP Kit.  Choose your hardware from chrome, black or brass.  And to give it a more custom feel we also let you choose the depth of each drum.  The kit comes in a 24, 13, 16 or 22, 12, 16 configuration, but with each, you get to choose the depths.  Make your kick a 14×24 or an 18×24, its all the same to us.

Snare, cymbals, stands, pedals all not included.  The LP kit comes with a kick drum, rack tom, floor tom.

We also do custom builds and can add or change things for you as needed.  Want an 18″ matching floor tom?  No problem.  Need a 20″ kick instead?  We got you.  Just let us know what your needs are and we can handle it.

To help sweeten the deal we place our kits into the $45 flat fee shipping category just like our snares.  These kits always cost more than $45 to ship in the US but we want to keep that part of it affordable for you so we’re happy losing a little $$ on each shipping charge.  Plus, it’s flat fee per order so if you order a kit and a snare you’re just paying $45 flat for shipping on all of it.  And shipping to churches is always free so contact us for a code if you’re ordering for a church.

Go give this kit a listen with some headphones on!

Or the intro version where our drum-maker Joshua Rainey talks about the kit:

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24, 13, 16, 22, 12, 16