Refrain 6.5×14 Raw Brass Snare Drum


  • 6.5×14 raw brass shell with clear lacquer
  • 3.5″ tube lugs
  • 2.3mm triple flanged hoops
  • Trick or Inde throw depending on hardware color
  • 25-strand German snare wires
  • 10-lug construction for max versatility
  • Evans HD Dry coated batter head
  • Evans 300 snare side head
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In song terms, the refrain is part of a song that repeats lyrically or melodically.  So of course, we needed to name this drum the Refrain because we’re sure you’ll want to use it over and over again.  It beautiful in looks and tonal quality.  Made from a raw brass 6.5×14 snare shell with a center bead and a semi-matte clear lacquer, tube lugs and all the upgrades.  Trick throw, 25-strand German snare wires, Evans HD Dry coated batter head, Evans 300 snare side head, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops.  Our aim here is to create the snare drum that you can use for anything and show off to everyone.  From a Sunday morning church live stream to a full tour with the band.  This drum gives off warm, dark tones, with plenty of articulation and responsiveness at any tuning.  So much versatility here with head choice, muffling technique and tuning pitch.  Play it at church, in a venue, or at the studio; but especially play it when you know the cameras are pointed your direction.  Pure versatility and great tone in a semi-custom package.  Choose your hardware and throw color, without having to pay custom prices.

This snare drum comes as a 10-lug construction to make it as versatile as possible.  For a drum this size, we find that 10 lugs gives you the perfect tuning range while still keeping the drum versatile so you can tune it low or crank it high.  If for some reason you are wanting this drum in an 8-lug or 12-lug construction, you’ll need to find a different drum.  Some of our other models can be made into 8 or 12 lug configurations, but not this one.  Its beautiful and its versatile as a 10-lug, and we want to keep it that way.

Chrome and black hardware configurations come with a Trick 3-position radial throw and butt plate while brass hardware comes with an Inde throw and butt plate.

Our drums are all semi-custom, letting you choose options for hardware and finishes.  Because of this all of our drums have a build time of 3-5 weeks.  We do everything possible to get drums built and sent your way quickly but please keep in mind that we are a small shop and we process builds in the order they are received.  Occasionally, we have some of our best-selling models on hand and can process orders quicker than normal.  Please contact us to see what we have on hand and ready if you’re in need of a rush order.

Flat rate shipping of $45 per order for all US customers.  Order multiple drums and save since the flat rate is order based and will not change based on number of drums in your order.  We offer free shipping for orders placed by churches and schools of ministry.  For this option please contact us and we will supply you with a free shipping code once we have confirmed you in our system.  Must be shipped to the church address listed online, no exceptions.

See this drum in action (headphones on for better sound quality please):

Check out this amazing demo in the studio by Vertical Artist Brian Clancy:

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 16 × 10 in
Hardware Color

Chrome w/ Trick Throw, Black w/ Trick Throw, Brass w/ Inde Throw, Satin w/ Trick Throw (+25)